The Whole DIY Website Problem

The reason many don’t want to hire a web designer is that they try to do it themselves and save a buck. But, that is not a good reason to waste your valuable time. Instead of doing your website by yourself, and dealing with all the problems that [...]

Google Hates Slow Websites

We, you, and Google hate slow websites. Because it negatively impacts your user’s navigation throughout your website. Did you know 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load? They are never coming back or recommending it [...]

Our Wireframe Process

Wireframing is one of the first steps in our web design process and one of the most important ones. Despite the fact that wireframing may look simple, it carries a significant impact on the outcome of the final web design. What is wireframe A wireframe is [...]

Our Web Design Approach

LERWS understands exactly what a customer expects when hiring us for a design project. We bring the creativity and research to the table. Using our best practices, we deliver a refined branding strategy. Understanding The Challenge Our initial meeting [...]

How to Get Found Online, When SEO isn’t working

There are tons of ways to get found online, but can sometimes be difficult. You want to get found online for a search term but turns out other people also optimize the website for that search term. What can you do to get on top of your competitors? Or [...]

How Website Translation Helps SEO

Having a multilingual website has great benefits such as user experience and SEO. Keeping in my your demographics marketing, who are your clients and what languages do they speak? If you are a franchise or practician that relies heavily on your local [...]

Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

Email marketing is one of the most concrete tactics to keeping your clients active and interested in your brand. You might have different goals for your email marketing but one thing is the same. The way you present yourself to your subscribers, you [...]

5 Important Benefits of Website Redesign

Welcome to another discussion on ways to improve your online awareness. We’ll be discussing why website redesign is important and necessary for you to be found online. 5 Important Benefits of Website Redesign Improved User Experience Updated Content [...]

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