Our Web Design Approach

Web Design Approach

LERWS understands exactly what a customer expects when hiring us for a design project. We bring the creativity and research to the table. Using our best practices, we deliver a refined branding strategy.

Understanding The Challenge

Our initial meeting with your team (after signed contract) we begin defining your challenges online. Which may vary from branding awareness or simply missing a marketing strategy that converts sales online. Identifying these problems helps us come up with a solution. We use your information and present it to users in a clear and concise manner, exploring your brand and their mission while keeping the visitors engaged and educated on your platform.

Our Approach

Now that we understand your challenges we begin with what needs to do in order to accomplish those goals. We approach your audience requirements from multiple perspectives. We value your audience proposition and then dissect it in order to fully understand how to design your brand.

This is done by creating personas, where we discuss end users to identify their goals with your website. We group together different personas, which we use in our research and design phase.

Redefining Your Brand

Based on our understanding of the mission of end users, we put our attention to the logo and color palette. These two elements are key to your identity and how it’ll be perceived by your audience. Having the logo be the first element to draw a visitor’s eye, it must your brand/business does and it’s approach to your audience at a quick glance.

Logo type and color palette enhancement

The final logo symmetry is based on the golden ratio rules that make the shape perfectly balanced, yet dynamic. This will create a logo that stands out and looks premium thanks to its geometry and use of calm, but noticeable colors. With the correct logo color palette, it subconsciously tells the user how it feels towards your brand.

Style guide to ensure consistency in design

Once all these pieces are in place we defined your style guide that let designers be consistent across various forms of design. This will help us make sure your platform has a premium and easy to read information.

Information architecture design

Now that we have content structure done, we can then consider the information that needs to be communicated to the visitors. We work closely with you, based on the personas we created, to identify the information priority. This is where wireframes are tested with end users and refined to deliver the content appropriately.

Working the magic

Now that we have everything in place, we begin the design phase! We sit down and brainstorm ideas and concepts. All ideas are brought to the table and challenged by our team using the personas we created. Then, we choose the best design concepts and brilliantly produce a “Wow!” product for the targeted end users. If it doesn’t, then we’re back to the drawing board until we hit on something that creates a gasp!

Use of graphics to communicate efficiently

Now that we have the concept of the platform, there’s a lot of information that needs to be presented to the visitor. To ensure that we attract all potential clients, we present the information in a graphical format whenever possible. Graphical information can be easily understood, without creating too much clutter that is unpleasant to look at.


We have your team work closely with us, this is a key part of your project success. Providing valuable feedback every step of the way. The increase in online engagement is proof of the project’s success.

Have an ambitious project in mind?

At LERWS we want to work with companies who are ambitious and want to deliver a great experience to end users. We got the right people, skills, tools, and experience to deliver great UX for you!

If your ambition is to create value with research-driven design, we would love to talk. Please email us at: info@lerws.com

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