Ecommerce, UX Design, Branding, Web Design

Design a brand that expresses the vision and solutions along with a performing website.

the challenge
A website that can be useful for their subscribers and users. Understanding the business is very important to know the process if we’re going to form an innovative solution. Generating a software interface for all it’s users, essentially bringing their work progress online.

the project
Using the latest technology, we created a brand that reflects the owners visions with their company. Making sure is useful to them and their users through their website where they can make payment and find useful tools.

Digital Branding

Daesoft provides a superior quality of services that their customers can feel proud of working with for and grow. When designing the logo we made sure to use the right icon and color to highlight it’s creativity within the industry.

Ecommerce Development

One of the problems Daesoft has was giving new customers an easier way to make payments easier and automated. We added a subscription based ecommerce website that lets users save their order and manage their accounts. This lets both partied keep record of every transaction and automate payment month to month without any hassle.

Website Design

Understanding the users is very important for any creative project. We narrowed the user profiles and selected the ones we need to focus on. Finally, we delivered a website design that accomplishes the requirements for both users and business.

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