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Dedicated Hosting with full-time maintenance team.

Web Hosting

“LERWS are web masters. Our team have enjoyed working with them.”

– Laurea R

Radio Host

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Our hosting setup is complex, we understand what it takes to run a website. Our full-time development team is fast and helps us maintain your website online 24/7. Why is website maintenance so important? When hackers try to hack into your website, they’ll choose the one that’s not updated and maintained. We have many features that are included in all our hosting plans. Auto Upgraded Core System, Dedicated Hosting, Troubleshoot, Content (Text/Images) Updating, and much more!

Our Work

Everything is

With years of experience, we understand your expectations. We run all our websites under a dedicated hosting server located in Orlando, Florida. Making your website’s loading speed incredibly fast and secure. We understand sometimes things can break or functions may simply become outdated with your websites current versions. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help, FREE OF CHARGE. As well as automatic backups that can bring your website back online within minutes. Provided text and image changes keep our clients happy and really see their money’s worth.


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with LERWS on my new blog – LKETravels. They’re also attentive and communicative. The process was so quick and I owe this all to them. I would highly, highly recommend them, and wish them all the best in growing!”

– Lauren K

Travel Blogger

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