Why Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

Why Your Email Marketing Isn't Working

Email marketing is one of the most concrete tactics to keeping your clients active and interested in your brand. You might have different goals for your email marketing but one thing is the same. The way you present yourself to your subscribers, you don’t want to be a spammer 😱.

Improve Content

No one wants to be bombarded with every offer you have. They want to know why they should keep their service with you! Think about this, if you are in a heavy industry and don’t have a reason on how you’re different from the competition, why should anyone stay with you? You have to keep them interested. This is why you have to send your emails with useful information from tips to and recommendations. Useful information is key to a successful goal conversion.

Schedule Emails with good timing

Don’t just send out an email because you feel like it. Send emails after testing and optimization of your contact list. Send it when it’s a good reason and time. Though there are rules to times you should send out your emails, this is up to your personal preference. This is why you must test and figure out what time and day are the best for your subscribers to interact with your emails.

Mismached Intent

Every effective email has a Call-to-action (CTA). Because without it the user doesn’t have the next direction. Your emails need to be able to guide them to do exactly what you want them to do and needs to be clear. This is only one step, giving the user their expectation from their subscription. Be careful where you send your CTA. For example, your CTA button is titled “Shop Now” but links to your homepage. This can go very wrong and off-putting to users who are interested to shop through your catalog.

Don’t put yourself down, a lot of business struggle to keep up with their email tactics. But by correcting these mistakes with our guidelines you should be able to turn around your conversion rate in no time. If you need help updating your email marketing strategy don’t hesitate to contact us.

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