Our Wireframe Process

Wireframe Process

Wireframing is one of the first steps in our web design process and one of the most important ones. Despite the fact that wireframing may look simple, it carries a significant impact on the outcome of the final web design.

What is wireframe

A wireframe is a basic skeleton of your website layout. Wireframes don’t use real user interface elements; instead, they use placeholders – elements are represented as boxes Usually, wireframes used early on in the web design process to validate information architecture and general user flows.

Why Is Wireframing Important?

Wireframing is a critical step in our process of designing a website because it helps to determine how a website is supposed to look and function. Wireframing ensures that everyone involved in the project remains on the same page with regards to a website’s structure and features. Wireframes can also serve as documentation – a guide for our UX designers who are creating the website.

Wireframe Process

Our Process

1. Research before creating wireframes

When creating a good wireframe, you have to research what your users need and what they want. It’s important to consider two goals – the business goals and the user goals. Both goals are essential to your success. Researching before wireframing will help set clear expectations of what you want to achieve with wireframing.

2. Keeping wireframes simple

The main advantages of wireframing over other design artifacts are speed and simplicity. The speed is especially important. Wireframes shouldn’t slow you down. You should be able to try a lot of different options before come up with a proper solution to the problem. That’s why it’s essential to keep wireframes as simple as possible – this helps us avoid distractions and focus on conveying ideas with clarity.

3. A Variety of ideas

When wireframing, we generate as many ideas as possible. Generally, the more designs we create, the more chances we iterate towards the best solution. The ability to produce multiple ideas and variations on a single idea allows us to see the benefits and downsides of each idea.

4. Making sure that wireframes are easy to follow

Wireframes are a tool for communication. They should help people understand your ideas. We share wireframes with our team and stakeholders, make sure that wireframes are easy for anyone to follow. If you or only one person who can understand your wireframe, then something has gone wrong.

  • We demonstrate your wireframes to a person who has nothing to do with your project and ask them a few questions about our work. This will help us understand what should be done to improve comprehension. — Client’s information is always kept confidential, of course.
  • We annotate wireframes to make them easier for you to read and understand. It’s much easier to read a description of some element or interaction rather than trying to figure out how something will work just by looking at a static image.

5. Collaborate

When we brainstorm ideas together and other people the potential for good outcome increases significantly. Showing the wireframes to team members earlier in the design process helps validate and improve ideas.

The power of feedback will help improve your website – listen to what our team say about your design and iterate your design to improve it based on the feedback.


Wireframing is an essential step for designing or redesigning your website. Choosing who can design your website in you should keep in mind what makes a good website. If you need help getting designing a new website don’t hesitate to contact us.

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